How do I send an AirTM Invoice?

AirTM makes it easy and inexpensive for freelancers to receive USD payments from employers abroad.  Here is a step by step guide for how you can:

  • Invoice your employer.
  • Instruct your employer to pay your invoice with an AirTM deposit or Uphold bank transfer.
  • Withdraw USD payment received to your local bank account:

To create an invoice, log in to Payzing (AirTM's payment system) using your AirTM account credentials and follow these steps:

1- In your Payzing dashbaord, select 'Payments & Invoices'

2 - Select 'Create Invoice' > 'Create New Invoice'

3 - Input recipient email address(es) - You can add multiple emails and CC other who would like to receive a copy of the invoice.

4 - Input your billing method, quantity or hourly.

5 - Input line item reference, price and quantity - The totals will be displayed on the right and bottom of this section.

6 - Notify your employer that they must deposit funds to Uphold or AirTM to pay your invoice.  We recommend including the following text in your invoice message:

In order to pay this invoice, you will need to add funds with your US/EU bank account or credit/debit card at, or with another e-transfer method (PayPal, Neteller, Alipay, local bank transfer and more) at  It's easy to create an account, all you need is an email and a cell phone. 

Please see the following steps to pay this invoice:

1 - Go to for US/EU bank transfer/credit & debit card, or for all other e-transfer methods.
2 - Make a deposit to add funds to your Uphold/AirTM wallet.
3 - Pay invoice with your Uphold/AirTM balance.

7 - Preview & select 'Send Invoice'

8 - Your employer will receive an invoice via email similar to the following:

Once payment has been received, you can withdraw your USD to local currency using AirTM:

1 - In your AirTM dashboard, select 'Withdrawal' - Here you will enter the e-transfer method and transfer credentials.

2 - Select which e-transfer method you would like to withdraw to - We offer withdrawals to banks, PayPal, Alipay, Neteller, Amazon Gift Cards, and more.

3 - Input withdrawal amount and relevant transfer credentials.

4 - Select 'Find Cashier' - Your withdrawal will be sent to your cashier network, once accepted you will receive an email notification.







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