How can I help AirTM reduce fraud?

AirTM is always working to reduce fraud within our platform, as well as pursuing 3rd party scam artists who mimic AirTM’s service outside of our platform. We take this task very seriously, and ask our clients to report any suspicious behavior to us immediately.  We also work within U.S. KYC & AML laws and keep a record of all transactions.  In order to remove risk of malicious behavior, we recommend following these tips to stay a step ahead:

  1. Spot imposters. Scammers often pretend to be someone you trust, like a government official, a family member, a charity, or a company you do business with. Don’t send money or give out personal information in response to an unexpected request — whether it comes as a text, a phone call, or an email.  
  2. Do online searches. Type a company or product name into your favorite search engine with words like “review,” “complaint” or “scam.” Or search for a company/product name on social media for reviews.
  3. Don’t pay upfront for a promise. Someone might ask you to pay in advance for things like debt relief, credit and loan offers, mortgage assistance, or a job. They might even say you’ve won a prize, but first you have to pay taxes or fees. If you do, they will probably take the money and disappear.
  4. Talk to someone. Before you give up your money or personal information, talk to someone you trust. Con artists want you to make decisions in a hurry. They might even threaten you. Slow down, check out the story, do an online search, consult an expert — or just tell a friend.
  5. Don’t respond to suspicious emails. If you answer the phone and hear a recorded sales pitch, hang up and report it. These calls are illegal, and often the products are bogus.
  6. Be skeptical about free trial offers. Some companies use free trials to sign you up for products and bill you every month until you cancel. Before you agree to a free trial, research the company and read the cancellation policy. And always review your monthly statements for charges you don’t recognize.
  7. Sign up for free scam alerts from the FTC at Get the latest tips and advice about scams sent right to your inbox.


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