Use AirTM to spend with bitcoin and receive 15% off at

AirTM is a cloud-based US Dollar denominated wallet that let's you use your bitcoins to purchase Amazon gift cards at a 12% discount. How? By signing up to become an AirTM "cashier" you can deposit to your AirTM USD account balance via bitcoin and exchange your USD for discounted Amazon Gift Cards. Please see the following steps to sign up and start using your bitcoins to get 12% off Amazon products:

1 - Create an AirTM account via the following button, going through this link is to insure this process moves as fast as possible for you.


2 - Sign In to your AIrTM account and select ‘Become An AirTM Cashier’ > ‘E-Transfer Cashier’.


3 - Fill out the cashier application and submit. Make sure to select Amazon as a payment method or input ‘Amazon’ in the other e-transfer methods text area.

4 - Wait for acceptance, this typically takes about 1 business day.

5 - Once accepted, complete your cashier profile with minimum and maximum transaction limits, profile image, and configure Amazon gift cards under the E-Transfer Options tab by inputting your email you would like to receive the Amazon claim codes to.

6 - Amazon gift card deposit requests from clients will start to populate your cashier dashboard feed (this may take a few minutes).

7 - In the meantime, deposit bitcoin to your AirTM USD balance by sending via your account’s bitcoin address on the left side of your dashboard:


Once you have a balance in AirTM, you can start accepting client Amazon gift card deposits, exchanging AirTM USD for Amazon codes redeemable at

After accepting a deposit, your funds will be held in an escrow to ensure you receive your code prior to sending client funds.   Please follow the transaction instructions to receive the client's Amazon codes.

Happy bargain shopping!

-The AirTeaM.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by emailing or via the dashboard chat in the bottom right while logged in.


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