Accepting Amazon Gift Cards as a Cashier.

By accepting Amazon gift card deposits for 16% cashier commissions, you are able to make purchases on with heavy discounts.  Wether its buying gifts for friends and family, or for personal bargain shopping - including the benefit of purchasing Whole FoodsUber and Airbnb credit for $.84 on the dollar to name a few - there is no limit to what these Amazon savings will bring, and the number of clients around the world you will help.

An AirTM cashier you can deposit to your AirTM USD account balance via bitcoin, bank, and e-transfer network and exchange your AirTM USD for heavily discounted Amazon e-gift cards redeemable on

If you haven't already, to turn on your Amazon and other gift card payment methods go to your E-Transfer Options.

Many of our cashiers have asked us - Why should I accept money in Amazon if I don't shop on Amazon?

Once you hold a balance on Amazon, there are a few ways you can exchange this value back into AirTM, while continuing to earn a commission.

1 - Make purchases for friends and family - pay with your Amazon credit and receive their funds to your AirTM or local bank account. You exchange your Amazon money, they get a great discount off their Amazon purchase.

2 - Purchase gift card with your Amazon credit such as Whole FoodsUber and Airbnb gift cards and sell on gift card marketplaces such as eBay or Cardpool.

3 - Become a merchant on and receive bitcoin for buying goods on Amazon for other people. It's easy to complete transactions on Purse, and you can deposit your bitcoin received back into your AirTM account replenishing your AirTM balance.

4 - Accept the following gift card client withdrawals - these gift cards are available for purchase on Amazon, using Amazon credit:

"Make Money Your Friend Again"

Need help? We’re happy to answer any questions.  Simply respond to this email or write us at Our amazing support team is here to help you.

Visit our FAQ and watch our Video to learn more about AirTM. 


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