Getting started with you Cashier dashboard.

As an AirTM cashier, you will be able to earn an attractive commission from the comfort of your computer or cell phone by complete client deposit and withdrawal requests to and from various bank and e-money networks.  We handle all of the math, and always set aside a meaningful commission for you, our cashier partner, however we do recommend that you understand any costs, limitations and other requirements associated with the bank and e-money networks you will be transacting in.

Once you have received news of acceptance, your client dashboard will now be connected with your cashier dashboard.  To get started:

First, you must complete your Cashier profile by confirming the minimum and maximum currency amounts you are willing to accept transactions for - you will only be shown client request within these limits. To get here select 'E-Transfer Options' in your top navigation bar and then select 'Currency':


Then you must go to 'E-Transfer Options' and configure any of the payment methods you would like to accept client deposit/withdrawals for. 

Double-check that the information you provide AirTM is correct. The name on any ID provided to AirTM must match the name on the e-transfer accounts you use with AirTM to complete deposit and withdrawal transactions.


To go to your cashier dashboard, when view your client dashboard select 'Use as Cashier' in your top navigation bar:


Once viewing your cashier dashboard, you will see transactions for your configured payment methods populate your feed.


Upon accepting a transaction you will need to follow the instructions prompted to complete it.


"Make Money Your Friend Again"

Need help? We’re happy to answer any questions.  Simply respond to this email or write us at Our amazing support team is here to help you.

Visit our FAQ and watch our Video to learn more about AirTM. 



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