Tips for Completing Cashier Transactions

How AirTM Works

Completing cashier transactions requires that you have a strong understanding of how AirTM works. If you haven't already, please review our How it Works video. There are two functionalities to complete client requests - Deposits, where you are selling AirTM USD to clients for money in bank and e-money networks, and - Withdrawals, where you are buying AirTM USD from clients with money in bank and e-money network. 


For deposits (sell AirTM USD) after acceptance:

  1. Cashier funds are sent to AirTM's escrow account where funds are held for the client upon transaction completion.
  2. Client sends funds with cashier commission to cashier bank/e-money network account and confirms in client dashboard notifying cashier.
  3. Cashier confirms funds have been received, and releases escrowed funds to client's AirTM account.

For withdrawals (buy AirTM USD) after acceptance:

  1. Clients funds are sent to AirTM's escrow account where funds are held for the cashier upon transaction completion.
  2. Cashier sends funds minus cashier commission to client's bank/e-money network account and confirms in dashboard notifying client.
  3. Client confirms funds have been received, and releases escrowed funds to cashier's AirTM account.

Completion Tips 

As a cashier, you will be connecting with clients potentially from all over the world if you are processing transactions for a global e-money method, or locally for bank transfer with clients that are within your country. It is important to understand how communication with clients in a professional manner at all times. If a client is speaking another language, we recommend using Google Translate to help make the conversation take place more smoothly.

As each transaction type requires a different set of instructions to complete, please follow each instruction step listed upon accepting and completing a transaction.

Double-check that the payment method information you provided in your 'E-Transfer Options' is correct when shown in your transaction details after accepting a request. This is the destination your clients will send funds to for completing client deposits.

Double-check that you have sufficient local currency in your bank or other e-transfer accounts before accepting a withdrawal transaction.

When making e-transfers of local currency to complete a withdrawal transaction, verify that the amount is correct.

Execute transactions swiftly and with precision. This is the secret to a great rating which will bring you more clients, more transaction volume, and more business.

Warning: Do not ask clients, or respond to client asks, to work with you outside of AirTM to complete transactions. This is against AirTM's Terms of Service. AirTM provides escrow and a mediation team to ensure that each transaction is completed without risk of funds lost due to fraudulent client behavior.

"Make Money Your Friend Again"

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Visit our FAQ and watch our Video to learn more about AirTM. 


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